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Posted September 24, 2023
London based illustrator and official poster artist for Rennsport Reunion 7, B.A.V.Z describes his style as classic and modern contemporary pop art. A life-long Porsche fan, it’s not enough to simply draw a picture of a Porsche, but to show the lifestyle and beauty of the brand. His Rennsport poster tells the story of two people in love, out for a long night drive in a Porsche Taycan.
Motorsports Presenter & Top End/Pit Lane Reporter
Amanda Busick
Amanda Busick is a pit reporter for FOX Sports’ coverage of the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and the ARCA Menards Series. She previously held reporting duties for FOX Sports’ coverage of the FIA Formula E Championship. Busick joins us at Rennsport as a host of the RR7 Livestream presented by Michelin.
Danny Clinch
Renowned photographer Danny Clinch is best known for his iconic photos of musicians and legends ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Jay-Z to Philip Glass. Driven by a passion for car culture, Danny is headed to Rennsport Reunion 7 as an artist in residence to capture the authentic moments of this iconic celebration from his unique vantage point.
Co-Founder, Backdrop
Natalie Ebel
Natalie Ebel is the Co-founder and Creative Director of award-winning paint and design brand Backdrop. Her strong belief that painting isn’t just a home improvement project, it’s a design choice, led to a collaboration with Porsche. Porsche and Backdrop came together to bring four iconic Porsche paint colors into your home. You can see the iconic paint colors at Rennsport as part of the Dream Walls Experience.
FaZe Clan
Nate Hill
Nate Hill is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and professional gamer. As a member of FaZe Clan, one of the biggest professional esports and entertainment organizations and creators in the world, Hill has over 1.6 million followers on Twitch. Hill will be onsite at Rennsport Reunion 7 at the FaZe ClanArcade.
Chris Labrooy
As one of the official poster artists for Rennsport Reunion 7, Chris Labrooy is no stranger to Porsche. Having created several pieces for Porsche in the past, including the viral 12 Cars in a Pool, he brings his surreal vision to Rennsport with a unique lenticular poster.
FaZe Clan
Kris Lamberson (Swagg)
Kris Lamberson, also known as Swagg by gamers, is a member of FaZe Clan. He is one of the most watched Call of Duty streamers on YouTube with more than 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. Swagg will be onsite at Rennsport Reunion 7 at the FaZe Clan Arcade.
Senior Features Editor MotorTrend
Kristen Lee
With nearly 10 years of experience as an automotive journalist, Kristen Lee joins the Rennsport team as a host of the RR7 Livestream presented by Michelin. You can find Lee reviewing cars on MotorTrend’s First Look and First Drive video series. She’s also written for The Drive, Business Insider, Jalopnik, and Road & Track.
Head of Editorial, MotorTrend Group
Ed Loh
A longstanding figure in automotive media, Ed Loh joins us at Rennsport as a host of the RR7 Livestream presented by Michelin. His expertise includes editor-in-chief of Import Racer! magazine, managing editor at Road & Track’s SPEED magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Sport Compact Car magazine, senior editor at MotorTrend in 2007 before becoming Editor-in-Chief and today sits on the executive team at the MotorTrend Group.
Lyne Lucien
Lyne Lucien’s work is rooted in community and inspired by her vibrant upbringing in Haiti to create bold spaces and themes. Before creating work for Porsche, her illustrations were published in various publications from New York Magazine to NPR and more. Now, see her Porsche work featured at Rennsport Reunion 7.
Executive Editor, MotorTrend
Mac Morrison
Morrison is a lifelong driving enthusiast and is into his third decade as an automotive journalist. During his career he has covered everything from professional motorsports and the automotive industry to new and classic cars. In his garage for the past dozen years: A 2006 Cayman S. Morrison will be heading to Rennsport as a host of the RR7 Livestream presented by Michelin.
FaZe Clan
Ian Porter (Crimsix)
Ian Porter is the most decorated Call of Duty esports player of all time having won 37 times. As a member of FaZe Clan, he first joined the group as a dedicated racing sim esports competitor. With a passion for racing simulators on Twitch, he’s built a full-fledged simulation set up in his home.
Dennis Simon
An official poster artist for Rennsport Reunion 7, Dennis Simon’s work combines his love of vintage poster aesthetic with his passion for sports cars. Before being recognized as an acclaimed automotive poster artist, he worked as an advertising art director, fashion illustrator, and exhibit designer for the National Parks Service.
Akiko Stehrenberger
Akiko is a 23-time CLIO award winning movie poster art director, illustrator and designer. Prior to her 2023 work for Porsche, she has partnered with some of the largest studios and directors to create unforgettable posters from some of our favorite films. See her work up close at Rennsport Reunion 7.
Dr. Woo
Dr. Woo has established himself as the most sought- after tattoo artists in the world. A global following in the millions, the choice artist for the influential elite and a creative partner to many leading brands, his work blends elements of tattoos, art, and fashion. Dr. Woo joins us at Rennsport to join his longtime friend Pat Long for a fireside chat at Porschehaus.
CEO, Polyphony Digital
Kazunori Yamauchi
Longtime motoring enthusiasts Kazunori Yamauchi is the head of Polyphony Digital studio and creator of Gran Turismo. As an amateur racer, Yamauchi has competed in six 24 Hours of Nürburgring races to enrich the Gran Turismo playing experience. He was also awarded the “Grand Prize of Creativity” at the 30th International Automobile Festival in Paris.
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