September 28 – October 1, 2023
September 28 – October 1, 2023
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What Drives the Artists Behind the Rennsport Posters
Posted July 21, 2023


For 75 years, Porsche has been driven to bring dreams to life and is inspired by those who do the same. The individuals who thrive on creativity and have an ability to see things in a different way add vibrancy to the world around us. It’s why for every Rennsport Reunion dating back to the very first in 2001, we’ve commissioned artists to create artwork that illustrates not only the excitement and jubilation of the event, but also captures the innovative spirit of Porsche as a whole. This year, three acclaimed artists have created inspired work for Rennsport Reunion 7— digital artist Chris Labrooy, illustrator B.A.V.Z, and poster designer Dennis Simon—each one driven by their own passion for Porsche to bring their visions of Rennsport to life.

Dennis Simon

Prior to becoming an acclaimed automotive poster artist, Simon worked as an advertising art director, a fashion illustrator, and an exhibit designer for the National Park Service. In the mid 1980’s, Simon made the decision to create art around his interest in cars and never looked back. Inspired by vintage posters that he collected since graduating art school, he combined his love of their aesthetic with his passion for sportscars. What initially started as a way to market sportscars for an auction company in Los Angeles, soon caught the eye of racetracks, car show promoters, and Porsche.

Initially, Simon was asked by Porsche to create illustrated articles for their magazine, Christophorus. In 2001, Porsche came up with the idea of inviting people to bring their Porsche cars and invite famous Porsche drivers for the first Rennsport Reunion event. Although Simon may not have been behind the creation of Rennsport, he was invited to create signature event posters for the last six Rennsport Reunion events.

Simon’s unique vintage poster-style bridges the gap between legendary Porsche racing history of the 50’s through today. His latest poster for Rennsport Reunion 7 features three iconic Porsche cars – the 550-01, the first purpose-built sportscar from Porsche that achieved fame at the Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico. Simon painted the 550-01 with the same livery as it had in the race. The second car is the 1973 917-30 racecar driven by Mark Donahue in the Canadian American Road Race series. The final car is the Porsche 963, the most current hybrid racecar that took home the win at the 2023 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach in April.

While Simon’s passion for Porsche and sportscars is a big reason he comes back time and time again to create artwork for Rennsport, that’s only part of the reason. His other motivation is knowing that Rennsport attendees will hang his poster in their homes and will be able to look back on all their memories for years to come.

Learning more about each artist’s Porsche inspiration and perspective on their work is what makes Rennsport such an incredibly special event. While there may be different things we’re drawn to and driven by, together we can all share our passion for Porsche.


London based illustrator B.A.V.Z describes his style as classic and modern for contemporary pop art. To him, it’s not enough to simply draw a high-quality picture of a Porsche, but to show the beauty and lifestyle of the brand. B.A.V.Z’s obsession with Porsche began as a child. His grandpa had an affinity for the 978 Turbo, his father was a big 944 fan, he also had a poster of a 1978 Turbo Porsche because, in his words “it looked super cool”. He’s even passed down his passion to his six-year-old daughter who points out a Porsche whenever she sees one.

During the pandemic, B.A.V.Z was inspired to turn his love of Porsche into art and created his first piece featuring a 911 Turbo. A friend convinced him to post the image on his social channels, and within months he was flooded with emails and messages from Porsche owners and enthusiasts to commission work using their cars. But for B.A.V.Z, this was never intended to be a business, it’s always been for the love of the art, and that love is abundantly visible in the work he’s created for Rennsport Reunion 7.

Drawing from his fondness of French pop art, B.A.V.Z’s work leans into the lifestyle aspects of Porsche. First focusing on the environment then constantly trying to innovate with other elements, B.A.V.Z pushes the limits of new ideas he can bring to each work. His works creates an entire story in a single image. For Rennsport, he made the choice to tell the story of two people in love and going for a long night drive in a Porsche Taycan.

Chris Labrooy

Scotland native and digital designer Chris Labrooy’s love affair with Porsche started ten years ago when he got behind the wheel of a 981 Cayman for a test drive. “It was an instant connection and a really fun and engaging experience. They’re quite emotional cars.” That connection is apparent in his work, incorporating surreal elements creating a unique world driven by that emotion.

No stranger to Porsche, Labrooy has created several pieces for the brand in the past, perhaps most notably the viral, 12 Cars in a Pool. While the Cayman is Labrooy’s favorite Porsche to drive, a majority of his work features the iconic 911. When asked what draws him to the 911, he responded, “The surreal elements are always present in my work, but the cool thing about the 911 is you get to do stuff with that car you can’t do with others because it has such a strong identity. Few other cars have the same strength of character.” If you’ve had the chance to view any of Labrooy’s work, you can fully appreciate his imagination in taking the 911 to places no one else could dream of.

The quality and craftmanship that go into every Porsche vehicle serve as an inspiration to Labrooy when it comes to his own Porsche creations. For Rennsport Reunion 7, Labrooy has created a lenticular poster. By using multiple images at different perspectives and placing them under a lenticular lens, the image appears to move, literally bringing his vision to life. Inspired by past hero car posters, his work portrays his yellow helmet installation character as a child, illustrating the sense of wonder and discovery that can be found at Rennsport.

Learning more about each artist’s Porsche inspiration and perspective on their work is what makes Rennsport such an incredibly special event. While there may be different things we’re drawn to and driven by, together we can all share our passion for Porsche.

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